Office Space

Since most sound masking is used in offices, a number of cognitive psychology studies have been made that relate specifically to the office environment. In a recent study, it was found that there was a modest stress increase and diminished motivation caused by typical office noises, including speech. They recommended the use of sound masking under the control of the worker. The masking must reduce the difference between the steady background level and the transient levels associated with both speech and other sounds. Motivation and productivity are improved when this is accomplished. The masking sound itself must not change rapidly and should be as meaningless as possible.

LectroFan meets all the requirements and puts your office environment back in your hands. From increasing your productivity to blocking out Captain Loudtalker and his yelling phone conversations, the LectroFan will quickly become the best friend you have at the office. Defeat the endless chatter, the constant clicking of the keyboards, and the "Never Gonna Give You Up“ track on repeat. Defend your cube with the heptagon! LectroFan’s modern design seamlessly blends into the office environment, unless you have a very old and outdated office, then it would probably stand out. In a good way.