Any business or organization handling sensitive, personal, or financial information must take deliberate measures to safeguard the print and electronic records of its clients. Financial, personal, and medical privacy are now considered fundamental rights protected by law or governed by regulation. The same care goes into protecting “trade secrets”, products and processes covered by Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA) or product information that provides the necessary edge in an increasingly competitive global marketplace. From financial institutions and manufacturers to medical facilities and social service agencies, most industries must protect records and information using all reasonable means available.

In today’s environment of collaborative office space, high tech gadgetry, and mass communications, information that can be picked up through intentional or unintentional voice eavesdropping threatens to undermine even the most sophisticated security systems.

LectroFan's sound masking is dynamic because the sounds it is intended to block are dynamic. Structural privacy elements are fixed and cannot adapt to intruding sounds that change in level. LectroFan’s sound masking can adapt from location to location as well as across variable noise levels, to adapt to changing environmental conditions and is by far the least expensive tool for providing privacy.